Another Era

English: St Giles' Kirk (High Kirk of Edinburg...

English: St Giles’ Kirk (High Kirk of Edinburgh), Royal Mile, City of Edinburgh, Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever thought that you were born into the wrong era. I’ve had this dream on many occasions throughout my life, of a place I’ve never visited and of a house I’ve never been in. Not to my knowledge anyway have I been there, unless, it’s an early childhood memory of somewhere I’d been taken to by my parents.

I picked up the book I started to read about Edinburgh today and got lost in the romance of the era, how vivid it all seemed, imagining the places named in the book with its hustle and bustle of a trade city. I am intrigued by the historical aspect of my parents birthplace and dwellings in this important depiction of their ancestry and mine. Historically, Edinburgh’s “High Street” , heading the length of “The Royal Mile” from “Edinburgh Castle”  was one of the main thoroughfares in Europe for Trading and Culture. The various onslaught over the centuries by different Regal and Religious adversaries looking to Enslave the city, has made it what it is today.


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