My Cats

In deep thought!


This is the “Top Cat” in the house, she dominates the attention of everyone. She is so clever too, she remembers things you’ve hidden, she wait’s till you’ve forgotten then retrieves them. She plays fetch with rolled up balls of foil. She’s also a good “Goalie”. She likes to climb into bed under the covers and sleep.


Shoe box cat


 As the name suggest’s she’s like the cat in the “Bacardi Breezer” Advert, that’s where she got her name. When she’s on a mission nothing will stop her. We spotted her 30ft up a Silver Birch Tree that is at the bottom of our garden, she must’ve been chasing a bird. She’s the “mouser” the “present bringer”. Because of the other two cats she drops things off at the back door. She looks so small and sweet that you wouldn’t think it of her. She also likes to hide under the covers to sleep. We find her sleeping in the funniest places.

Mother of all cats

 Furby I call her the mother of all cats, because she was, in our house. She is 13 and the mother of “Squeak” and “Bacardi” who are 12. At one time in the house all three were having kittens within days of each other. 3 cats with their kittens planted throughout the house in their little safe corners. Chaos didn’t have a look in. I loved it until the time came to start rehoming them. I cried with every parting. That’s when they all got neutered.

Furby was named after the toy’s Furby, as a kitten she looked just like one. She is the “Wicked One” yet she is the most Flighty. She can hide away all day because of loud noises or voices etc. 

Of all the kittens we kept, a male we named “Neo” after the “Matrix” he used to run around the walls, I likened him to a chinchilla. He was a gentle,beautiful cuddly cat. But we only kept hold of him out of compassion. We knew he wouldn’t live long, the vet’s told us this, when he was a kitten. He didn’t have proper “cats eyes”, they didn’t dilate. He had sensitivity to the sun. He died of a blood disorder at the age of 1. He had to be euthanized. It was a traumatic experience for us all to see. To this day I still don’t really know what was wrong. I still have his collar 10 years on. His mother was “Bacardi” she gave birth to him and another kitten which was dead with a “cleft palette“.  My husband  had to break the sack to allow “Neo” to breath.

It was sad seeing “Bacardi” with just one kitten, when her mother and sister both had five/six each. We did a bit of Animal Husbandry and gave her, her brother to feed. “Furby’s” biggest,greediest kitten. It was “Bacardi’s” only litter. I believe it was because she was the “Runt” of “Furby’s” first litter. She was so small, that’s why we loved her. “Dinky”, “The wee one”. 

I have various “nicknames” and other “pet-names” for all my babies.


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