The Sad Facts of Bigotry

Rio Ferdinand

The News today highlighted the chosen  players for the England Team, and the obvious choice of players was determined not by their quality and standards as a player but by who the Captain John Terrydid and didn’t want on the team. Rio Ferdinand is more than qualified to play for the team and to enhance their efforts in the goal scoring, surely they need him and his qualities. But no, it’s not to be and every excuse in the book will be used to justify him not having been chosen. But, the country knows that it all boils down to a bigot of a captain being chosen by the masses over a definite top player. I’m almost certain that I saw him swear into the camera and couldn’t believe what I was seeing being mouthed to the camera.

Rio Ferdinand, English footballer. Plays in th...

Rio Ferdinand, English footballer. Plays in the defender position for Manchester United in the FA Premier League and at the international level for the England national football team. Taken in Belfast in 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s no wonder the world of football is a mess and losing respect from fans faster than players.

I have encountered bigotry throughout my adult years, and, not suggesting, that it is a male orientated campaign, I was appalled to hear Bigotry from women. I worked for a lady (she thinks) whom, unless you believed in god you were of a lesser class. It was insisted that I was not suitable to work for her any more, which in turn suited me I don’t  consider people with that high an opinion of themselves and a lesser opinion of someone else because of their religious beliefs to be human anyway….

The other woman was many years before who showed a distinct hatred for Pakistani people for no justified reason. Rather than “they smell” and “they should’nae be here”. In Scotland she was referring to.

I thank my parents profusely for allowing me to generate my own thoughts on religion and also giving me the insight to see people for what they are and not allowing such people to dictate my life to me……..


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