Fate! coincidence! call it what you want!

English: Actress Kathryn Joosten at Desperate ...

Gene Pitney - Peterborough Broadway - 19 March...

Gene Pitney – Peterborough Broadway – 19 March 2006 (Photo credit: Chris Boland)

Cosmic Intervention

I  often wonder if  there is truth to the statement “it’s written in the stars” and that Karma is the natural balance between good and evil in your own little galaxy. I recently saw a statement “So you think the world revolves around you?” and the answer to that being “of course it does”. “You are” at the centre of the Universe, as is, every other being on the planet. Therefore! The world does revolve around you.

My thought process last night lead me to thinking of Desperate Housewives and less than an hour later my browsing pattern lead me to a News story about  ‘Desperate Housewives’ Star Kathryn Joosten Dies at 72 http://huff.to/LWk63F via @HuffPostTV . Silly wee coincidences that happen quite often with me.

I’ve been called the “Angel of Death” by family members in jest. I have a canny knack of talking about someone, usually famous, and within days that person has died. The last person it happened with, was the fantastic and sorely missed Gene Pitney. I ranted and raved at how much I wanted to see him when he was touring the UK. My favourite songs as a child were, “The man who shot Liberty Valance” and”24 Hours from Tulsa“, I pestered my dad every time he played music to put Gene Pitney on. I was absolutely “Gutted” to hear he’d died. “That’s my fault” I said, “I should’ve kept my fantasy secret” he’d still be alive. That is ridiculous I know and I do laugh at myself. But he was at the centre of my universe for so long and I took it as a personal loss.


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