Analytical Thinking

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Recent studies show that analytic thinkers are more likely to have weak religious beliefs.

There could be something in that, I wrestle with my own conscience all the time as to the ancestral beliefs in Religion and my own. Who am I in this vast universe to question what went before me. I think the answer is in education and diversity of information.

I’m not academic in any way. I have several certificates of Education from High School and Further Education certificates in “IT”. Nothing that means anything to anyone but me. I am a mine of useless information, that lies dormant until the question comes out in a quiz show or somewhere, it flows from my tongue like cream from a jug.

I’ve always been fascinated with the complexity of the brain and the lack of its full use by 90% of the Worlds population, if it is even that much that the “Genius quotient” is.

Mathematics always “failed me”, couldn’t get “algebra” I was good at “fractions”. I was interested in Art, Modern Studies, Geology. Throughout my adult life I have always read Philosophy and hopefully will write mine one day.

I find “self-help” books “patronising” and “condescending”. Sometimes the answer isn’t what people are looking for, they probably already know the answer. It’s the right questions they need to know to ask.


Are you an analytical thinker?

My Quiz Result: You are an analytical thinker. You employ an objective approach to analyze every situation. You need the facts and figures to solve a problem.


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