Blown Away

The Harrier - the world's first operational fi...

The Harrier – the world’s first operational fighter jet with thrust vectoring, enabling VTOL capabilities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a story of someone posting on his facebook page,that there had been an “Earthquake” in Aberdeen. As it turned out it was a fly over by RAF Jets.

18 years ago I lived on the eighth floor of the multi storey flats on the Western Outskirts of Edinburgh, with a view to the South West, West and North West  of Scotland on a clear day that is. You would’ve been mistaken too like us, one afternoon, that it had been an “Earthquake” that was two Harrier Jump Jets doing a fly over past our house. All the car alarms were going off, so too were the shop security alarms. We opened our window to see and get the full experience. From that day it has been my dream to fly in a “Harrier” I watched it fly to the airport and move in a downward ascent from a vertical position and wished I had my life to live again, I would join the RAF and learn to fly. Which is really funny because, I never learned to drive. Mind you I’ve heard many an Airline Pilot say they can’t drive. Reassuring I’m not sure. As a child and once going on honeymoon I have flown throughout my earlier years. I’ve maintained that it will be one of the things to do on my list of “Things to do before I die”. If I win the Lottery I want to buy one.


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