You are what you read!

I saw this on a tweet earlier and it got me thinking as to what I must be! I like reading:

  • History
  • Horror
  • Crime
  • Biographical
  • Fantasy
  • Humour
  • Conspiracies

I’m not too fond of Horror stories, I read a couple of Authors in Particular because they fascinate me with their imagination. I wonder where and how or even why sometimes, would you think of something like that? Where in your mind could you possibly invent a scene or event so gruesome. Ahhrg. I don’t go in for the gore-fest in a film, I like the psychological, twisted minds who always want caught, or that’s how it seems.

I don’t do Romance or watch “chick flicks”, I find them “corny” and “unrealistic”. As a child growing up I was inundated with Catherine Cookson and such like that my mother was into. That aside she also introduced me to such classics as Julius Caesar, Cleopatra among many. Classical writers as The Bronte Sisters, Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen to name but a few. Charles Dickens and best of all Shakespeare.

The famous five as a child. Brilliant reading. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Loved them all….

I knew I’d read a lot of books in my 47 years, and forgotten a lot too. But, I recently did a test on Goodreads and got 68%. Which was absolutely brilliant! because the answers I got wrong were about books I haven’t read. That meant I answered all the answers right about the books I did know. My brain surprised me I didn’t think it had absorbed all that reading but it must have.

Adding to the comment I made in my first blog. I must have had my head in “Romance land” when I was doing my English O Grades. My then teacher said “One day you’ll write for Mills and Boon “. To think he didn’t even realise. What a compliment! I would be a writer!


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