Long lost Friends

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

The logo of Bebo
The logo of Bebo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently said Thankyou to Mark Zuckerberg, not personally but publicly through a status update. The reason for this is I had been looking for an old schoolmate who’d moved to America. I lost touch not long after she’d moved but got a couple of updates from her family here in Scotland. I joined Facebook several years ago along with several other social network‘s all in the act of trying to trace my friend. I believe Friends Reunited was my idea that someone else got in there first with. I couldn’t believe it when the site started up I had even thought of that name for it. Ah well! Always the reader never the achiever. Anyway! After trawling through Bebo, Friends Reunited, some other unsavoury site called Perfspot (more like Pervspot) that I shortly cancelled,  it was  more of a dating site than anything else. I hadn’t used Facebook until more recently and through a friend of a friend I found my friend. We now have regular family and personal updates and can be the friends now to each other, that we would’ve been had she not gone a million miles away…..


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