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Getting a better grip on blogging. Thought it might be a waste of time but to my surprise I have reached a few people and interacted. Hopefully as time goes by my blog may start to look better too.

I’m going to share a little thought for my four pets, who make me laugh at the most unexpected times. Although it can get a bit demanding sometimes when you start to play with one and end up with all four wanting the attention. Each of the three cats all have their own little quirky toys and games. My dog who at almost 10 times the size of the three cats is the baby of them all at just four years. The cats are Thirteen(mother) and her two daughters aged 12, who I call “The twins” one is a grey stripe and the other a brown stripe. We joke that the dog doesn’t know whether it’s a dog, cat or human. The cats behave exactly like cats, but one has the character of a dog.


9 thoughts on “My Blogging

    • Thank you. Up until I got him at six weeks old I was terrified of dogs big and small. We had a Jack Russell Terrior, more like Terror. He was so uncontrolable. But thanks to my dedication and instruction from the Dog Whisperer TV show. He is my best friend and responds to my command which is excellent considering my initial fear. I’ve learnt alot from him as to understanding dog behaviour.

      • OMG, another Dog Whisperer fan. Great, keep up the training. Yes, just like you, I am still learning a lot about dog behaviour thanks to Cesar. I know he gets some negative feedback, but I really do like and his teaching method: I rehabilitate dogs, I train people phylosophy:)

      • You got it in one It’s the people who need the training. It comes naturally to a dog to be responsive to proper commands. We are at a turnstyle in Britain about dogs and their behavour, thankfully the courts are now recognising that it’s the owner that’s at fault not the dog (in most cases).

      • I am totally with you. Here in Maryland, USA, we have a long way to go. Last week a law was passed which automatically puts all pit bulls and pit bull mixes as aggressive dogs. My question is, Why not a law about irresponsible owners?

      • That’s the issue that’s being addressed here. A Bill has been passed in Scotland to change the focus toward’s the owner’s allowing the animal to bahave this way. Owner Liability.

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