Fed up with Ignorance


We have a clause in Scottish Law (not sure about English Law)  that states you cannot claim ignorance to an offence. Which is quite contrary to what a majority of people do do. We claim to be ignorant when in actual fact we are indeed inconsiderate as a nation. The attitude is too often and not “it’s not my problem” so “I’m not bothered”.  Then, it’s on your doorstep and your bothered for sure. This is what Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, is facing with the new Independence Referendum, he won’t get the votes because of that very attitude. I’m not politically bent myself, I have been keeping up to date recently with Scotland‘s topical issues though. I’ve also been following foreign affairs such as the Arab awakening. Like America, Britain is a haven for people seeking Asylum for persecutions in their own country. We can only do so much though, we have to Educate the masses as to what is acceptable Worldwide and not just to us.


The key to a better world is simple tolerance. When we learn to be more tolerant of other People, Religion, Cultures etc. We will then be a War free World. We have the facilities to encourage this behaviour within ourselves, but War is so much more fashionable, we must start seeing it as more destructive than constructive. President Obama has already set a presidence for this with his stance on Gay Marriage.


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