Rain,Rain,Go Away!

Typical, May day for Edinburgh. Rain bouncing off the ground, flooding every uneven garden. The pets are all sitting at windows wanting out. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was warm but it’s chilly too. Another day of clearouts I think. Tidy house, but don’t open a cupboard they almost fall on top of you. I call myself a “collector”. I think more of a hoarder. Been trying to get my mother to de-clutter and charity shop all the boxes of clothes she hoards. Will maybe visit soon and help her do it. I’ve told her to watch that new show on tv. Britain’s worst hoarders, it helped me be less “collective”…..

Received my second like today. The person is quite the opposite to me in lifestyle and pangs of jealousy ring through me looking at her page. I don’t do “extreme sports” or any sports for that matter. I have however throughout my son’s lives given them encouragement and played every possible sport with them as children, from teaching them both football, badminton, tennis and the outdoor pursuits from their father such as camping and fishing etc! gave them an all-round sense of what you can get from life.

I’m contemplating the contrast also to my childhood and theirs. How different things were 30 to 40 years ago. We made our own entertainment and communities were so much more close-knit than today. Children played in harmony at such games like “Kick the Can” where a group of twenty or more would run and hide after the “Can kicker'” kicked the can and counted to 100, he would then search for each and every one until all were caught. The person caught first was then “He” or “It”. This continued until people had to go home for whatever reason, and “Helpie”, very similar but more like “hide and seek” only that when each person is caught they then help to catch the rest.  The first person caught etc…….

A few years back in my neighbourhood I witnessed a child laying on the ground and two others pummeling him and screaming “What is it”? I approached and chastised them, only to be told it’s a game called “Hunt the Cunt”. Oh Yes! Spelling correct. Same again a group of twenty or more get together. “Who” and “Why” the nominees for the next part are is beyond me. A word is made up say “today”, each of the nominees (secret letter keeper) which would be five, would run and hide for a count of 100, then the rest of the group would search out, find, alert others and “Batter” the secret letter out of them. “It’s OK, we love it” was the answer.  Have we honestly become more barbaric towards each other that this is acceptable as the “norm”.


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