Hopscotch (Photo credit: Jan Tik)

Rounders bat and ball

Rounders bat and ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remembering the games we used to play and how we amused ourselves when we were kids. “Hopscotch” and “Peavery(unsure of spelling) Beds”. The Latter being slightly different from Hopscotch where a stone was used on marked/numbered squares adjoined in a cross shape. Peavery Beds was a rectangle of nine squares.

Some of my memories of playing in the streets. Wherever I lived I played those games I’m not sure if some or all were regional and I was able to pass on between the different places I’d lived my little bit of each. More often than not I was the new girl on the street as we travelled back and forth between Germany and Scotland as children. Having been to 14 different Schools throughout my School years. I’ve seen differences in play everywhere. You mention a specific toy or game you played and it’s alien to kids now. Such a shame!



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