Blogs and Tweets

Learning to Blog and #Tweet at the same time and its all a bit fuzzy. Too often than not I’m having to re-edit and check this and that, there’s hardly time to to write.

Had an interesting conversation as to why people would want to publish their lives to facebook or other social network sites. Most people who genuinely interact daily through normal updates of thoughts to friends do it with the intention of keeping up contact in a busy lifestyle situation. I have found that the social aspect is abused by people with ulterior motives other than networking. I myself have used such sites as investigative tools to answer my personal questions as to how people behave with each other in the eyes of the public.

Thankfully these sites have security measures for genuine users who network sincerely. I find the best networking sites are the topical ones like I have recently started to tweet, still not got the hang of it but will eventually. I feel a bit nosey and rude replying  to a conversation. Like someone not invited to the party but going around butting in to everyones conversations. I suppose the more I use it the more I won’t feel so imposing.


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